Qualifying for Disability Benefits with Ulcers

An ulcer is a crater-like sore on the skin or mucous membrane. Ulcers form when the top layers of skin or tissue have been removed. They can occur in the mouth, stomach, and other parts of the body, but are most commonly located in the small intestine. To learn more about how the Social Security Administration (SSA) defines this disability, visit Section 5.00 of the Blue Book.

Do Ulcers Qualify for Disability?

Ulcers alone rarely qualify for disability benefits, but when they are severe, chronic or long-term, and prevent gainful employment, they can meet the SSA’s medical eligibility requirements. Although there is no listing for ulcers, there are other listings under which you may qualify for benefits, including:

  • Section 5.02 – for bleeding ulcers in the gastrointestinal system
  • Section 5.06 – for ulcerative colitis
  • Section 8.04 – for chronic ulcers on the skin and in the mucous membranes
  • Section 8.05 – for chronic ulcers associated with Hidradenitis suppurativa

Regardless of how the SSA reviews your claim, your application must be supported by extensive medical records, including:

  • A formal diagnosis and a statement from your doctor, detailing your symptoms and their effect on your everyday abilities, including your ability to work
  • Hospitalization records, including emergency room visits or blood transfusions required as a result of bleeding ulcers
  • Medications, dietary changes, and other treatments attempted and their results
  • Records of other medical conditions you may have that also contribute to your everyday challenges and your inability to work
  • Work history details and information on your rate of pay in former jobs
  • Financial documentation, including details of all sources of income and your other financial resources

How Do I Apply for Disability Benefits?

To apply for disability benefits, it’s important to understand the disability application process. If you’ve been diagnosed with ulcers and believe you may qualify, contact us today for a free disability case evaluation.

You could be entitled to $3,822 a month. See if you qualify today!

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