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Navigating a disability can be difficult after a diagnosis.

At, we help claimants like you discover more information about your disability and provide resources to help you obtain the disability benefits you deserve.

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Have you been diagnosed with a disability and are looking for more information? Check out our disability guides.

Disability Benefits Overview

Unable to work due to your disability? Read more about disability benefits and how you may qualify.

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There are 1,000+ Social Security Administration (SSA) offices across the country. Let us help you find yours.

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For over a decade, we have served as the internet’s most comprehensive resource for SSDI and SSI assistance. Whether you are trying to determine if you qualify for benefits or you are ready to take that next step in filing your claim, we are here every step of the way to provide you with the resources you will need to move forward in your disability benefits journey.

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Each year, millions of Americans turn to the Social Security Administration to receive financial assistance through Social Security disability benefits. Unfortunately, nearly 70% of these applicants have their disability claim denied initially. 

The process of filing your disability claim can be overwhelming and receiving a denial can feel discouraging. We have connected thousands of claimants with a Social Security disability attorney or representative that can assist you in navigating the path to securing the benefits you have earned.

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