Qualifying for Disability Benefits with Marfan Syndrome

Marfan syndrome is a rare genetic condition that affects connective tissue – the most abundant, widely distributed, and varied type of tissue in the human body. A person with Marfan can be very tall, slender and have extremely long fingers, legs and arms. To learn more about how the Social Security Administration (SSA) defines this disability, visit Section 4.00 of the Blue Book.

Does Marfan Syndrome Qualify for Disability?

Simply having a diagnosis of Marfan syndrome will not guarantee an approval for Social Security Disability benefits. However, Marfan syndrome can and does affect many parts of the body at once, and these afflictions tend to worsen with age. Evaluated separately, these health problems may not rise to the level of disability needed to achieve benefits. However, if one or more conditions are severe and have a significant impact on your ability to work, you may meet the SSA’s criteria under relevant listings, such as 2.02 – Loss of visual acuity, 1.04 – Disorders of the Spine and 4.10 – Aneurysm of aorta or major branches.

How Do I Apply for Disability Benefits?

To apply for disability benefits, it’s important to understand the disability application process. If you’ve been diagnosed with Marfan syndrome and believe you may qualify, contact us today for a free disability case evaluation.

You could be entitled to $3,822 a month. See if you qualify today!

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